Are you supernatural?

Whenever I experienced something that is by societal standards “supernatural” or simply “impossible”, it felt absolutely normal in that moment.

Be it seeing in the dark and looking through walls, “miracle” healings of clients or instant manifestations, shifting timelines for myself and others, phases of intense lucidity (being able to see through the matrix and to direct it like a computer game), reprogramming my body cells so I could look with my knees and smell with my hair…

All of that was not spectacular or super special when it happened.

It just was.

become supernatural

And at the same time, I see people putting an incredible amount of energy and effort into healing, learning, activating whatever so that they can finally experience the “supernatural”, the “paranormal”, the gigantic manifestations.
They are chasing the special – and thus push it away.
Because we can only experience what is part of our reality, of our innermost truth.

And as soon as it is, it is no longer special.

The key to unlocking all those fun things is not chasing something outside of us. It is remembering that all that is part of our human nature. To re-claim what already is, what we already are. It is coming home within deeper than ever before.

And when you are there, home within, in that state of pure presence and peace, all the magic can unfold naturally.

Because we all ARE magic.