How much presence can we ask for?

For me, as a life coach and Completion Process facilitator it is a basic understanding that presence is key for healing our emotional wounds. But how do we apply this to our everyday life? How much presence can we expect from our partner, family members and friends? This is a question that I have been asking myself a lot lately.   No one without shadow We all have aspects of our self that are not fully conscious, that have been split off and moved to the subconscious during an emotionally challenging situation in order for us to be able move on beyond that experience. These aspects are frozen … Keep reading

Empaths are meant to shine


Most people that I have met who call themselves an empath, have done this from a place of victimhood. They tend to use the word to explain, underpin and validate their own suffering. While I can understand very well how painful and draining it can be to feel and perceive so much, I do not believe it has to be this way. Society teaches us that we need to be less sensitive to function properly. We are being told that expressing our emotions is a sign of weakness. And often we, as empaths, take on that perspective and accept this projection to be real. We start to feel … Keep reading

The empath in a dissociated family


For almost my entire adult life, I would feel down after meeting with my family of origin. Every time I came back, I would feel like there was something wrong with me. I felt weak and somehow broken, like I could not function in this world the way I was supposed to. It took me years to understand what had been going on and to break that pattern. In the beginning, I thought I was just being too sensitive to their energies, and that I would be fine if I just protected myself enough from it. So, I started testing various ways of energetic protection when meeting with … Keep reading

Safety first – a golden rule for trauma work

trauma work

A while ago I went through a quite tough phase. A close friend of mine disappeared from one day to another. This triggered some severe trauma I had from my former boyfriend committing suicide and my demented dad being missing for months, before he was finally declared dead. Both incidents came seemingly out of the blue. One minute they were still there, the next they were dead. It was the unthinkable happening to me twice. And this made me anxious and suspicious for more drama happening in my life. So when my friend vanished into thin air for several days, this situation merged with the emotional trauma from … Keep reading