The Completion Process

Liberate yourself from past pain by healing your inner child. The Completion Process can help.

The Completion Process is an emotional healing technique that helps you release stagnat emotional pain and stress, let go of repetitive negative patterns, unconscious conditioning or childhood trauma, so you can finally feel whole again and move forward with your life.
The Completion Process is best described as particularly effective inner child work. Using this highly transformative approach, we can quickly get to the root of your issues and resolve them for good, so that you can enjoy your life even in those areas where there were previously only stress, anxiety or doubt.

How does it serve me?

You’d like to be more confident and able to understand and accept yourself more?
You want to improve your relationships and have people in your life who really appreciate and love you as you are?
You want to finally leave old, unpleasant patterns behind?
You often have an underlying feeling of sadness or emptiness and want to finally experience more joy in life?

These are just a few examples of the issues that we can work on with the Completion Process to bring into transformation. Ultimately, behind almost every area in our lives where things are not going smoothly, there is an unresolved emotional pattern – which we can resolve with the Completion Process.

What happens in a session?

The great thing is that you don’t need to know what the cause of your issue is to get started. All that matters is your willingness to reconnect with your emotions and inner child. – But you are not alone! I will gently guide you through the entire journey.

I am with you unconditionally and will guide you through the entire process until you feel relief from your past pain.

The process itself is highly intuitive. And in my experience it works best when both client and facilitator are completely open to the path that it takes. All sessions are fully customized to your needs. I provide a safe space, unconditional presence, love and support, and stable guidance for you and your unique experience. And at the end of this beautiful journey, you will find a sense of inner peace and homecoming. You’ll have become a more complete and richer inside.

The Completion Process is a life-changing experience and I love to be there with and for you!

Sessions are offered in-person and online via video chat for clients worldwide and can be held in English or German. The duration of a Completion Process session highly depends on the situation and the client’s current needs. The average is one to one and a half hours.

Here you find more information on how you can work with me.

Completion Process, inner child work
“Dear Jana, you are meant for this work.” Teal Swan

In 2016, I was personally trained and certified by the developer of the Completion Process Teal Swan. Not all coaches who offer this method are educated in this way. Some have only read the Completion Process book and now offer the process as well. If you are interested in working with a coach who is fully qualified, I recommend that you make sure they are certified practitioners.