Consciousness and trauma II

Why do I even bother with heavy stuff like trauma healing when there are so many amazing tools to simply raise your vibration, and I can even just activate elevated states of consciousness?

Living in a high vibration and all these elevated states of consciousness (oneness, flow, creator consciousness…) are our natural state of being! And the reason why we don’t experience them on a daily basis is: trauma. The unhealed trauma of our ancestors, our own unresolved emotional wounds and stress, and the collective programming we have gone through are like an anchor holding us down.

And because these states and frequencies are actually our inherent human “normal” it’s not that hard to activate them for a while. Many have experienced this, for example in meditation or when they have just fallen in love. The tricky part is really to hold the vibration and make those states last.

higher consciousness through trauma healing

release the trauma and the heightened states of consciousness will happen naturally

And yes, you can use all the amazing tools to raise your vibration, align with your Divine Self and desired manifestations, and activate quantum fields that trigger higher states of consciousness (I love all these tools and use them for myself and my clients). But the effect is temporary! – Unless: you release the anchor that is trying to pull you back down ( = healing the trauma!). And trust me, a quick and powerful healing session is so much more convenient and effective than the purging that occurs when we have to go through everything alone and push through layers upon layers of resistance. 😩

It’s the combination of high vibration and deep healing that makes this approach so powerful. The support basically comes from both sides – aligning with the high and releasing the low. Both combined create a strong momentum; and a state that doesn’t just collapse again as soon as you stop using the tools and practices.

After all, living a joyful and fulfilling life in freedom and abundance is our birthright! It’s the way life on earth is meant to be. And it’s about time that we all get to experience that!