Consciousness and trauma

Trauma keeps you from higher levels of consciousness

“Just have faith; it will all work out in your favor”

“Abundance is all around you; you just need to receive it.”

“Just let it go and relax.”

All that sounds and feels great when it matches your current experience. But let’s be honest: when you’re not there, it feels more like a slap in the face! – Wouldn’t you be doing it by now if it really was that easy!?

Just because someone is at a point in their life where they are happy and fulfilled doesn’t mean they can help you get there, too. The reasons why we struggle are as various as we are. And I believe, it takes a deep understanding of our human nature – from the very physical aspects to our multidimensionality – and a strong sense for where someone’s at and what they need to get to the next level to truly create lasting change.

When I was 20, I experienced a great loss in my life. And that really shook me up and brought up a lot of other unresolved stuff. For years and years I sought support, but nothing really brought tangible change. By that time I already knew about energy healing, shamanism, quantum healing… I had learned and practiced so many tools and modalities. But neither my own knowledge and tools nor the people I reached out to for support could help me get to a point where I was truly happy.

Only when I learned about and really understood the mechanisms of how we process stress, store unresolved emotions/ energies, inherit ancestral trauma and how all this affects our consciousness and energy, things started to turn around.

Understanding Trauma

Truly understanding trauma changed everything! It is the reason why we struggle to relax and have faith, why it is so hard to “simply let go”, why we fall back into negative patterns and habits, why we worry instead of enjoying the present moment, why we are not aware of our true potential and greatness! Trauma creates splits in our consciousness. It limits and alters our perception, and keeps us in survival mode instead of living in a state of joyful presence and flow.

Every negative belief, every nagging negative emotion, every unresolved stress or limiting pattern is rooted in trauma. And that is good news! Because there are ways to heal it. Ways that don’t require you to know where the trauma came from or even to re-experience a painful situation. It only requires an understanding of the dynamics in your body, energy body and consciousness.

And when you address it there, it will be resolved for good – and with it all the limitations, habits, patterns, and other symptoms trauma has created in your life.

And you naturally raise you vibration.

You naturally reach a new level of awareness.

You naturally relax into a new version of yourself.