Hier findest du die Rückmeldungen von einigen Klienten, wie sie die Arbeit mit mir erlebt haben.

“In Jana fand ich endlich eine Seele, der ich mich mitteilen konnte und die meine Sprache verstand. Die den Schmerz nicht nur anerkennen, sondern auch nachempfinden konnte.
Sie ließ sich auf meinen virtuosen Galopp durch viele Traumata, Mauern und Glaubenssätze aus allen erdenklichen Lebens- und Vorlebensphasen ein und scheute sich vor keinen Untiefen meiner Seele und meines Verstandes.
Unser gemeinsamer Galopp ist zu Ende – aber “The Big Shift” geht spürbar weiter. Ich bin jetzt in der Lage, für mich und meine Wahrheit zu sprechen und meinem Herzen zu folgen – auch wenn es aus Sicht meines Verstandes oder der Gesellschaft / Familie sehr riskant erscheint. Und ich kann das tun, wozu ich geboren bin: Fühlen.
Meiner Überzeugung nach wird Jeder in Jana das finden, was er braucht, wenn er wirklich bereit ist, etwas zu verändern. “Danke” ist manchmal ein sehr farbloses Wort.”


“Liebe Jana, mit dem Feedback zu unserer Session muss ich gar nicht lange warten. Der Erfolg ist jetzt schon da! Direkt nach der Session, bei der wir wichtige Blockaden bei mir lösen konnten, fühlte ich mich freier und leichter. Ich hatte das Gefühl, mich jetzt endlich frei und ohne Angst in der Öffentlichkeit und auf Social Media als Coach präsentieren zu können. Überhaupt hatte ich das Gefühl, ohne meine Ängste, die wir energetisch gelöst hatten, viel mehr Energie zu haben.
Das Universum reagierte auch prompt und schickte mir noch am gleichen Nachmittag liebe Menschen, die mit mir zusammen arbeiten wollten und von denen ich wichtige Informationen bekam.
Danach war ich zwar körperlich müde, aber geistig hellwach. Zwischen 3:30 Uhr und 6 Uhr morgens habe ich nun bereits einen neuen Online-Kurs konzipiert und diverse Änderungen an meiner Social Media Präsenz vorgenommen. Und heute werde ich vermutlich einer der ersten im Fitnessstudio sein.

Danke für deine heilsame und so unglaublich wirksame Unterstützung! Ich bin sicher, es ist kein Zufall, dass ich auf einmal so sehr durchstarten kann.”


“Ich möchte von Herzen ein großes Lob und Dank an Jana aussprechen! Ich bin sehr beeindruckt von ihrer feinen Art, ihren Fähigkeiten und ihrem immensen Einfühlungsvermögen. In einer Sitzung mit Jana ist man in den besten Händen und man wird sehr sanft und liebevoll durch den Prozess geführt. Jana spürt intuitiv und ebenso durch ihr großes Wissen und ihre Kompetenzen sofort, was gebraucht wird um Blockaden/ Themen jeglicher Art sanft und sehr wirkungsvoll zu lösen. Ich fühlte mich bei ihr absolut sicher und bestens aufgehoben. Ich kann Jana nur wärmstens empfehlen! Das ist höchstes Niveau und ich bin begeistert!

Danke von Herzen!”


“Liebe Jana, ich habe mich bei dir sofort sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Sowohl dank deiner Wachheit und dynamischen Arbeitsweise, als auch aufgrund deiner verständnisvollen und empathischen Art.
Ich hatte den Eindruck, dass du die Dinge genau anschaust, an den Kern der Dinge gehst ohne etwas zu erzwingen – tief hinein gehst und dabei stets einen Blick für dein Gegenüber hast, sehr genau darauf achtest was geht und was zu viel wäre. Ich hatte durchgehend ein Gefühl von Vertrauen.
Ich weiß es sehr zu schätzen wie du da die Balance hältst, es schaffst sehr präsent zu sein in jeder Hinsicht – mit einem analytischen, zielorientierten und sehr feinfühligen und verständnisvollen Umgang. Ich finde deine Arbeitsweise und deine Art sehr inspirierend! Danke dir!” (Text gekürzt)


“Booking a session with Jana is one of the best investments you can do for your life and healing. She is amazingly accurate in finding the root of what’s going on and that, along with her plentiful experience, makes her very efficient and effective.
If you think of yourself as a hopeless case, going for Jana is truly money well spent, as she can really get things done.

I personally think she is one of the best professionals out there and that the money/quality ratio that she offers is very generous.”


“The session I had with Jana was one of the most memorable experiences on my healing journey. Her ability to create a safe space for you to heal and confide is quite uncanny. Jana is a professional through and through, and I would definitely recommend her services to everyone who seek assistance on their own path to self-discovery.

Thank you, Jana!”


“Jana is the best Shadow Work and Success coach/ practitioner I’ve ever worked with. No one comes close to balancing the warm, nurturing energy that is soothing, with fast results that are truly miraculous. There is hardly any real work on your end and it is so quick and effortless it is crazy! I’ve been to countless different therapists, psychiatrists and worked with coaches for business, and she excels in all of these areas in a shorter amount of time. It is truly staggering. This is a life-changing investment.

I cannot stress enough that you have to work with her!!”


“With her work, Jana is offering a very precious gift to the world. I have been on my healing journey for more than 15 years, and I have done a lot of research and tried and worked with many modalities… and I have to say: Jana`s tools are the most effective and valuable ones I have come along with so far. And not only that: She is not limited to her tools and knows exactly what is needed in each situation. I consulted healers, therapists and so on and I always felt that they look at me through their limited perspectives of their methods and theories, dismissing the parts and aspects of me/my situation that did not fit into their limiting perspectives. And in the end, I always walked out knowing that they missed the point, which made me really desperate.  So that is why I cannot emphasize enough: Jana`s perspective is not limited. She can find the root of the problem and knows how to deal with it effectively. So if this is what makes a master, is not limited by his tools and methods – and in my opinion, it is – Jana is a Master.
And: she makes you feel safe and accepted. With her gentle and kind presence, she creates a safe space where healing becomes possible and can happen easily and undramatically.”


“I can only highly recommend anyone to work with Jana: her ability to pinpoint the root of the problem right away, the capability to hold space, insights, and wisdom is exceptional and outstanding among all the practitioners I have worked with. In moments of great stress and anxiety when painful trauma gets active, she is my rock to stand on: Jana is a huge support with her calm, unconditional presence, admirable intuition, and competency. It was also a privilege when she facilitated a session for me, addressing particularly painful abandonment wound the healing work she did on me was so powerful and palpable resulting in huge positive shifts. I cannot be grateful enough for all your help Jana and wholeheartedly recommend everyone to work with you. So much love to you!”


“Working with Jana is pretty powerful. On the one hand she is very gentle and has a loving prensence that makes you feel safe and sound right away, on the other hand she is very focused and leads you to the root of the issue in no time.

If you want to really get to the core of whatever issue you have and “liberate yourself”, I can highly recommend Jana!”


“Jana was an incredible professional. She offered me loving and close support, and deep empathy, while staying grounded. She has a healing presence and her intuition and sensitivity are definitely one of a kind. I am very grateful and thankful.”


“I have worked with several therapists and psychiatrists over a number of years, and none of them can compare to the work that Jana does. She has an amazing ability to see directly the issues I was experiencing in such depth and clarity. She could identify the different aspects of myself that were sabotaging me subconsciously, and from there we would compassionately nurture them together, so I could finally move forward without any resistance.

I now feel so empowered within myself. I have yet to experience, and doubt that I will, a person, let alone a coach, who can be so present and supportive with one’s needs and issues. She genuinely cares and is completely non-judgemental. I feel so safe and inspired now to move forward in my life with her as a support if I should ever need it.”


“Jana is a great facilitator for emotional healing. I came to her with issues about my father and abandonment. By her being present with me I finally managed to be able to be present with myself. She is loving and at the same time as solid as a rock. She was firmly being with me when I felt surrounded by the chaos of my own emotions and thoughts, like a guide that leads you safely out of a storm. She is very intuitive and can perceive and feel energy very well. After the session I felt much more light and clear. I am so glad that I got to know and receive help from her. Thank you, Jana.”


“After having done several sessions I always will recommend to go for it and throw yourself in the arms of Jana, because she will take care of you, give you the space and acceptance which you probably have looked for in many years.

I don’t know what to say, because “thank you, Jana” is and never will be enough to express my gratitude for you, Jana, and the way you helped me again and again.”


“Yesterday I went into a Completion Process with wonderful Jana for the third time. I have done the Completion Process on myself very often now and had wonderful experiences, but with Jana it is so much easier to face the ghosts of the past. Yesterday it was a really big and deep one – very intense and very deep and severe emotions which I couldn’t have faced on my own. With Jana it was almost easy and in the end it was a wonderful experience. Jana is very thoughtful and compassionate and able to just stay with me, giving it all the time that is needed. Also she gives great impulses so I don’t get stuck and be able to move forward. Thank you SO MUCH for your support, your dedication, your thoughtfulness, your mindfulness and your great compassion and sympathy!


“Having my first session with Jana was such an amazing healing experience for me and my inner child(ren). I felt comfortable straight away, no need to pretend anything. I could genuinely be myself. Jana was absolutely present, knew exactly what I needed and just gave so much space, loving energy, and understanding. By validation and acceptance, she completely turned around some painful experiences and old beliefs from the past. Moreover, her presence and empathy were already healing and very comforting. I felt so delightful and truly blessed and motivated after these 1 and a half hours (which felt much longer). Thank you Jana for making me laugh again!”


“This morning I had the most perfect session imaginable from Jana. She was so intuitive, so loving, so supportive, so patient, and so able to connect with me on every level that I went through a life-changing experience.

For the first time in my life I could integrate sexuality and the heart, release shame, and feel love in every cell in my body. It was akin to a refreshing rain on my body and soul after a 70-year drought.

I cannot speak too highly of Jana and her ability to facilitate.”


“I have deeply rooted trauma from my childhood. In the past it’s been difficult for me to open up and feel comfortable enough to really allow a space for healing. Jana made me feel comfortable right away and continued to make me feel at ease throughout the session. I didn’t feel pressured with anything by her like the direction of my healing. She made a space for healing that my intuition and authentic heart needed, rather than box me in to one modality. She seems so well rounded in her knowledge of healing and can mesh with many different types of people. I consider myself to be a “tough” case, so if she can get through to me, I’m sold!”


“Jana is a beautiful person. No matter what you’re dealing with, she can really support you and give you the feeling that you don’t have to go through it alone but can rely on her guidance. I’m very happy with the session, which started an exploration journey far greater and more important than what I could have imagined when I sought her out initially.”