The Universal Now (Gedicht)

Are you tired, yet?

Tired of keeping everything going
Tired of making sure you are safe
Tired of controlling the outcome
Tired of watching your thoughts
Tired of trying to feel good
Tired of being alive?

Surrender, my Love!
Let everything fall
Let it all collapse
Collapse as well
Let yourself fall


Pull back your energy from all that’s external
From future and past, from hopes and from fears
You need it all here. Here with you in the now
Call it back in, embrace it, receive

And then sit in the now
With yourSELF in the void
Meet the eternal
The infinite
The one

This is the point where all cycles end
Where all ends meet
Where all is achieved
Where We become One

Rest in that knowing
Finally rest
Simply BE you
In the eye of the storm
Where pure bliss resides
And dreams become reality