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Schau doch mal auf unserem YouTube-Kooperationskanal vorbei und höre dir die kraftvollen Frequenzaktivierungen, binauralen Beats und Klangheilungen an, um dich und deine persönliche Weiterentwicklung zu unterstützen.

SHAMANS DREAM | Brainwave Meditation Music for Spiritual Journeying and Deep Transformation

This brainwave entrainment meditation music puts you in the right state for deep spiritual journeys by activating the frequency within you that traditional shamans experience during their trance states.

Isochronic beats ...
at 4.5 Hz help you enter a theta brainwave state - the brainwave state that shamans experience during deep trance. As a carrier frequency, we have used the ancient Solfeggio frequency of 417 Hz, which is known to facilitate change, transform negative energies, remove negative thoughts and patterns, and dissolve trauma and emotional blocks.

(Note: Make sure to use headphones for optimal results. Listen to the entire track and repeat over several days if possible.)

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And now: Tune in - and enjoy!
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