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3 Monatenvor

Stop bargaining with the middleman!

Source is your resource. 😘

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4 Monatenvor

When we are always pretending like we are on top of our game when we are actually struggling we are excluding others from our life and reality. But if we only talk about our sufferings and do not own ... Sehen Sie mehr

4 Monatenvor

Instead of talking about your triggers or trying to avoid them - use them to get closer to yourself and heal.


4 Monatenvor

Codependency = Taking care of other people's inner children instead of your own.


5 Monatenvor

Today I am featured in the Christmas calender of a dear colleague and friend of mine. Thank you, Conni, for this wonderful idea!

My contribution to this event is this guided healing meditation (in ... Sehen Sie mehr


Heute habe ich wieder eine wundervolle und berührende Meditation von einer wunderbaren Kollegin in meinem Kalender.

In dieser zunehmend dunkler werdenden Zeit lädt dich ... Sehen Sie mehr

5 Monatenvor

Commitment is all it takes...

Entscheide dich dafür, dein bestes Leben zu leben und gehe konsequent in diese Richtung. Und du wirst vielleicht überrascht sein, wie schnell du an einem ... Sehen Sie mehr

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5 Monatenvor

My new blog article is out! Enjoy reading:


Having someone who uncovers our blind spots enables us to achieve what previously seemed unreachable. But that alone is not enough!

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Which topic are you avoiding?

It's time to take your power back!

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