Demystifying that HIGH VIBE thing

high vibe

Sometimes it really upsets me how misunderstood spiritual teachings can mess people up and put them on a spiral of constant struggle with themselves. One of these teachings is that we constantly need to feel great ( = be in a high vibe) to attract what we want.
Yes, feeling great helps immensely to get into a flow state and experience one amazing manifestation after another. But that doesn’t mean that we have to feel fantastic in order to manifest something good. For sure it doesn’t mean that we’re doomed if we feel down and don’t know how to get out of it! And – for the shadow work faction – it also doesn’t mean that we have to explore and integrate tons of stuff before things can finally turn around for us.

how to achieve a high vibe

Don’t get me wrong – I love healing work, anything that helps you improve your quality of life. I have witnessed and keep seeing amazing results with it. But the idea that we have to be free of “shadow” to get what we want is just BS. It’s a projection of what we learned in our childhood onto the universe at large, of societal imprints onto our relationship with God.

Gods love is unconditional, the support of the Universe ever-present. All the amazing things we dream about are lined up to come into our lives as a manifested and experienced reality. The only thing we need to do is stop closing the door to them. – And we shut that door by believing that we need to heal first, by assuming that our frequency is not yet high enough, that we do not feel good (positive) enough yet. – On an emotional/ energetic level by our resistance to what is and who we are.
As soon as we release that resistance the doors are opening up again.
That’s the whole secret.

Chasing the high vibe

high vibe or non-resistance

When we are ok with not feeling ok, we release resistance and the doors open.
When we surrender to the inner struggle, we release resistance and our system opens up to solutions.
So simply stop fighting what is!

Surrender and remember
that the support and love of the Universe are unconditional and ever-present.
And let the Magic happen.

Let this be your reminder in challenging times.
And if you want sensitive guidance and tangible support for that – I’m here.