Empaths are meant to shine

Most people that I have met who call themselves an empath, have done this from a place of victimhood. They tend to use the word to explain, underpin and validate their own suffering. While I can understand very well how painful and draining it can be to feel and perceive so much, I do not believe it has to be this way.

Society teaches us that we need to be less sensitive to function properly. We are being told that expressing our emotions is a sign of weakness. And often we, as empaths, take on that perspective and accept this projection to be real. We start to feel weak and inadequate.

However, I would like to offer a different perspective.

The indicator species


In our modern society, we have distanced ourselves from a natural way of living; a life in alignment with our true selves even. We have diverged from our inner guidance system. We eat food that is produced industrially, ignore the natural rhythms of our bodies, and neglect most of our body’s signals to rest or change our lifestyle. As a result, humanity has developed a lot of the so-called civilization diseases. Not to speak about the economic and ecological situation on this planet…

While most people fail to understand what it is that is wrong with them, us empaths have the capacity to really comprehend and identify this. We notice right away when it does not serve us to attend a huge public event after a full week of work or to eat fast food instead of organic. We can not hide or deny our emotions and thus are forced to engage in emotional healing. And we recognize immediately which societal behaviours and expectations that are actually detrimental for us as a civilization. Thus, you could call us empaths an indicator species. Our own discomfort pinpoints the unhealthy developments in society.

So, instead of seeing ourselves as weak, we should understand that from a soul’s perspective we are the ones who have the guts to come in and feel it all! We came in to show humanity where we are out of balance and need healing. This is not a job for cowards or wimps!

Strong receiver = strong sender


However, I do not believe this is just it. There is another aspect to being an empath that we should consider. In physics, for example, there is this basic understanding that a strong receiver is a strong sender also. And emotions are nothing more than an expression of our own frequency. Therefore, empaths can not only perceive the emotions of their surroundings, but also have the capability to strongly emit emotions in to that environment as well.

I have investigated and played with this concept quite a bit and I know others who have done this as well. When I am in a good mood, in a high frequency, people around me are uplifted too. I have even managed to consciously raise the frequency of the people in my surrounding if I just intend to do so. The only thing I need to do for that is raise mine and decide to radiate that love. And the results have always been amazing. I believe this is what all empaths can do!

Learn to handle your sensitivity

The only catch here is that we need to be in a state of self-empowerment to do that. We need to empower ourselves to spread compassion and radiate love on this planet. If we don’t, we end up suffering from the overload of negative emotions around us. Only when we are in a high frequency (experiencing positive emotion) can we outrange and become immune to the negativity that may surround us.


In my experience, there are some key practices we can use.

The first thing is balance. When our everyday life does not allow us to stay away from draining situations, we need to actively find moments to balance these experiences. If we take time for ourselves, for self-care and self-love, the other situations are less draining to us. Most empaths experience the greatest regeneration when they spend time in nature, but also meditation or creative work may recharge us.

Another crucial aspect is healthy boundaries. This is a point where many empaths fail. Since we sense the pain in the others, we tend to help even if it drains us. We tend to take responsibility for the problems of everyone around us. However, in the long run, this does not serve anyone. We give our energy to people who may not even be willing to solve their own issues. They lose the chance to learn and grow from that experience and we get stuck in their problems. And only if we prioritize our own well-being can we be there for our loved ones when they really need us.

The last aspect I want to mention is protection. There are many techniques that can help us to protect ourselves energetically from the negativity around us. The foundation is, in my opinion, always good grounding, but also an energetic shielding might help in certain situations. We do not need to feel everything 24/7. It is our capacity to do so, but not our duty.

When we really begin to understand what empaths are capable of doing for our society and humanity, at large, we will stop seeing ourselves as victims. Instead we understand that we are the ones who came in to create a shift. We are the guides and the beacons of light that can lead humanity towards a life in alignment with nature and with our true selves. We are the ones we have all been waiting for.