‘Eso speak’ and meeting the Divine

the divine is in all that is

Sometimes I really cannot hear it anymore. ‘Eso speak’. Wishy washy love and light talk that really just doesn’t get to the point. You can already hear by the choice of words, which spiri corner someone comes from. And there is something almost religious about the way the same words are recited over and over again without ever getting to the core, to the essence of what it’s actually all about.

The thing is, all that means nothing if it does not really touch you. If the essence of it does not meet the essence of you. And that’s where the problem usually lies – you are not in touch with yourself, with your essence, with your innermost Self. If you were, there would be no need for spiritual teachings or concepts. Then it would already be fulfilled, you would be fulfilled, with yourSelf and all that is. Because all it ever was and is about is YOU. You in touch with your SELF. You in contact with life – with yourSelf as life touches you.

meeting yourself IS meeting the divine

And once this innermost contact with yourSelf, with the Divine in you has occurred, then words are barely enough to describe it. You can only feel it. You can feel it in the words of those who truly live it. Just as you can feel its absence in the regurgitated hollow phrases.

When you are living this innermost connection, it doesn’t matter if you apply any spiritual teachings or concepts. What works is the Divine in you. And it does so with or without these tools. Tools are neither good nor bad. It is the consciousness from which they are applied that determines their quality. And it is the idea that the results lie in the tool is what keeps us stuck in a limited and dependent life. We do not need them, but they can make things easier or more fun if used in the right spirit.

There is no higher instance outside of yourSelf.
The Divine is in you and works through you all the time.
And it is waiting there for you to meet it and merge with it.