Freedom – Responsibility – Fun

true freedom and fun come as a result of maximal self-responsibility

Most people associate responsibility with some kind of stress. They see it almost as a burden, when it is actually our gateway to absolute freedom.

Remember when you were little and just wanted to grow up so you could finally do whatever you wanted?

No one telling you what to do anymore?

That is what responsibility is all about.

Responsibility is our power to take ownership of our lives. The power and awareness of how we respond to what life brings us. And this applies to all levels of our existence: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. When we take full responsibility for how we respond, we are free! Completely free! Free to an extent that is hard to comprehend.
Because we are so used to still listening to everyone around us. And most of all, to the voices in our head that copy what we heard as children from our parents and from everyone around us. But what these voices say is only real because we have made it so. We ourselves have created our limitations.
In truth, this reality is so free, so abundant, so supportive and so loving! It gives us everything we ask for. Even the limited version of it that we experienced in our childhood and now know as “normal”.

if you want to be free you have to take responsibility

There is only one way out of those limitations. And that is absolute self-responsibility. Becoming clear on what we want, how we feel, what we need, how we speak and what we do. It’s really never about anyone else. Because everything in our reality is just a reflection of our inner life. Is only there through and for us.
The more lovingly we treat ourselves, the more loving life will be with us.
The more allowing we are, the more easily life will flow.

When we truly understand the power of responsibility – and live accordingly! – we gain that freedom we wished for as children.
No one can ever mess with our experience anymore.
Then life becomes really FUN!
And this earth a gigantic playground for us to enjoy.