Legal information

Please note that we make no claim that our products or services are intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or energetic disease or affliction of any kind, nor do we promise any specific outcome or outcomes as a result of the services provided. These services are intended to assist individuals with personal and spiritual growth only. If you have any health related questions or concerns, please see an appropriate mental or physical health care provider.


Terms of use

The payment must be made at the time of reservation.

Cancellation policy
We require 24 hours cancellation notice prior to your scheduled appointment, otherwise, we will charge you the total fee for the session. Ideally, we will reschedule your appointment.
Cancellation of workshops and events is free up to 10 work days prior the event. For cancellations up to 5 work days prior the event a fee of 25 € will be charged. For cancellations within less than 5 work days to the scheduled event the entire fee will be requested.

Responsibility of the client
The client acknowledges that he is fully responsible for his mental and physical health during a session, a seminar, or a workshop. The client acknowledges that all steps and actions taken during a session, a seminar, or a workshop lies within his own responsibility.

All content published on this website or handed over to the client or attendee is protected by copyright; its usage and dissemination require our explicit permission.

Place of jurisdiction
German law shall apply to the business relationship between the client and us, insofar as nothing else has been explicitly agreed. Place of fulfillment and the sole court of jurisdiction for all parties is the organizer’s place of business.

I shall be bound to treat with utmost confidentiality all texts and facts made known to me during the course of my work for you. No content or details of the sessions will be shared in any way.