Manifesting – From duality or polarity?

manifesting approaches

There are so many teachings and approaches out there on deliberate manifestation. And there is a fundamental understanding of how human consciousness works that many overlook when it comes to this. It’s whether we manifest from an inner split (= separated aspects of self that are partially unconscious, = a point of resistance, = basically from trauma) or from an integrated place.

It’s basically the difference between duality and polarity.

Duality means black or white, good or bad, hell yes or no way. There are two polar opposites that are separate.
When we manifest from here, we manifest from a point of resistance. From a separation within. One part of us (the conscious one) really really wants something. And another (usually an unconscious one) is terribly afraid we will never have it, or lose it again once we do have it, or that if we have it there will be negative consequences for us…. There is a negative emotional charge associated with the desire that we are usually not fully aware of or that we suppress.

manifesting from duality

Manifesting from this place means we have to feed the desired outcome with a lot of energy and high vibrational emotions. Basically, we have to outweigh the negative (unconscious) emotions associated to the desire with our (conscious) positivity. And yet we always feed both perspectives (what we resist persists; our resistance actually energizes it, too). And this point of resistance, the other part of us, the other energies and emotions, are still reflected in our manifestation – because the law of attraction/ mirroring always affects all of who we are.

Polarity means black and white – and all possible shades in-between. There may still be contrast – but there is no split, no separation between the opposing poles. In the human condition, this means being at peace with any outcome, yet possibly preferring one over another.

When we manifest from here, we act from an emotionally integrated place, from a state of inner peace and allowing. And it is by allowing everything to happen that life flows easily and effortlessly. We can focus on what we desire without unconsciously feeding the opposite (the point of resistance). And because there is no resistance, often a small thought or intention is enough to set things in motion. That’s when things get really magical!

So what do we do with this understanding?

manifesting in 5D

While both approaches can bring about amazing changes in the external reality and lead to personal expansion, not both necessarily lead to a true sense of inner fulfilment! Because when we create from a point of resistance, we take that resistance, that negative emotional charge, with us. – That’s what happens when people have made the multi-millions they’ve longed for and still feel empty or in lack inside. So if it feels like a disaster not to get what you want, you can be sure that this is not the end of the story. 😉

When we address the resistance, however, and integrate the uncomfortable emotions, we find peace with any possible outcome. Then all manifestation practices become needless, because we already EMBODY fulfilment. And this is then simply reflected on the outside. Then we truly open up to everything and anything and thus may attract even more than we ever asked for!