Metaphysical Anatomy Technique

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique - Deep rooted emotional blocks and subconscious patterns can be resolved quickly and easily. Are you ready?

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT) is a gentle yet highly effective method that resolves deep-rooted emotional blocks and subconscious patterns quickly and easily. It is based on the knowledge of where and how unresolved stress and trauma are stored in the body and what is needed to release and heal them. Thus, with this approach, it is not necessary to re-live any traumatic experience or to know the cause of your issue in order to resolve it for good.

By activating the body’s self-healing powers, it naturally comes back to a state of harmony and balance, and positive emotional states return. And the great thing is, once the underlying blockage is released, that change can be instantaneous.

What is this good for?

I believe that unresolved stress and trauma are at the root of most human problems. For example, childhood trauma can drastically change a person’s entire life and affect all aspects of their health, relationships or career. But even very subtle conditioning can have a lasting impact on our lives and distract us from our true Self and thus from living our best life. And even higher states of consciousness are ultimately blocked only by active individual and/ or collective trauma.
It is also important to keep in mind that we are not the first generation to experience stress and trauma. Epigenetics shows that trauma causes biological changes that can be passed down through many generations. The good news is that MAT does address these ancestral patterns. And even imprints created during conception or our time in the womb can be resolved with MAT.

What happens in a session?

During our sessions we will identify the main stress factors (such as active negative emotions) in your situation and resolve them for good. Your entire system comes into a state of inner peace and harmony, self-healing kicks in and you naturally take on a new, more positive perspective. For you as a client, this is an easy yet very profound and deeply transformational process.

Sessions are offered in-person and online via video chat for clients worldwide and can be held in English or German. The duration of a session depends on the situation and the client’s current needs. The average is one to one and a half hours.

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