Now I am! – Life as a Conscious Creator

creator consciousness, conscious creator

Creator Consciousness – I absolutely love this state. And at the same time, it is the most natural way of being. Fully in tune with life and all that is.

There is no resistance. Just a deep and joyful sense of peace that accompanies every moment. The realization that everything you experience is your creation. There is no effort. For all effort was only ever a by-product of trying to avoid an old pain. Instead, you feel the resonance to all that is and a deep sense of love and connection with your reality in every cell of your body. Like joyful tingles everywhere as you move through your creation. – This is what it feels like to me being in that state.

Surrender to the Song of your Soul

Move to the rhythm of your heartbeat

And let that dance carry you into the life of your dreams

Creator consciousness is a level of consciousness that is often experienced as presence and flow. But that is not all! Every experience can be lived through the eyes of a conscious creator. This state makes every moment precious and special. You simply enjoy your NOW moment as the center of your own reality. And as there is no resistance to what is, your thoughts and desired can manifest easily, even instantly. Like magic.

I believe, this is truly how life on earth is meant to be! And it’s about time that we all claim that for ourselves. It’s only a decision away and it will unfold for you. Your free will is so much more powerful than you’ve been led to believe.

In this private spiritual mentorship we will unlock this beautiful state for you!

What We Will Be Doing:

  • We will activate Creator Consciousness for you so you can start living from this state.
  • The main focus is on energy and consciousness, on realizing new possibilities and new perspectives. But if something comes up that needs to be healed – I am here for you as well!
  • We will deactivate the triggers that might kick you out of this state.
  • We will release the patters and imprints that have been limiting you so far. As a conscious creator you can always choose anew!
  • Our cooperation is not rigid. We will create this experience together so that it becomes the most enjoyable and most effective way for you to attain creator consciousness.
  • Most importantly: we will play with this wonderful state, explore what’s possible, and move beyond the limitations of the artificial matrix! – You are here to be free and have a good time! So let’s do that!

What you will receive:

  • A deep and personal mentoring that is completely tailored to your needs.
  • A whole new perspective on life that offers you unforeseen possibilities and above all a lot of fun, ease and playful adventure.
  • Powerful teachings and mind-blowing insights (literally 😉) – I know what it takes to leave your old limitations behind.
  • Highly transformative sessions – all aimed at getting you into Creator Consciousness.
  • My full energetic and emotional support – I’m with you!
  • Lots of great suggestions on how to play with your life and reality as a conscious creator.

We are here to enjoy the fullness of being – by experiencing our individual heaven on earth!

Are you ready? Then get in touch with me for your free discovery call or just book your ticket to the new way of living right away.


Now I am is an online service. We will interact via video calls and messenger chat.
Your investment: € 25.000 for 9 months, € 17.500 for 6 months, € 11.800 for 4 months, or individually as agreed.