Single Sessions

Leave behind the painful experiences and limiting beliefs of the past and improve your well-being and everyday life.

Single sessions are your opportunity to address and resolve one specific topic. Be it by releasing deep-seated blockages, healing old emotional wounds, transforming limiting beliefs, resolving the metaphysical root cause of an ailment, or liberating you from the traumas of your ancestors – your life can quickly and easily take a whole new direction.

The complete transformation of a complex topic may take several sessions, but each session brings about a positive change within you!

These are some issues where a session has already helped:

  • limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • nagging negative emotions (low self-esteem, isolation, resentment, sadness, …)
  • repetitive patterns (e.g. in relationships: fear of abandonment, jealousy, attracting partners who don’t really value you…)
  • inner conflicts and self-sabotage
  • establish healthy boundaries
  • blocks to success
  • abundance blocks
  • specific ancestral trauma and karmic patterns
  • inner child work (e.g. Completion Process)
  • cutting cords (very effective!)
  • resolve the metaphysical root cause of an ailment to allow your body to heal

Sessions are offered online via video chat for clients worldwide and can be held in English or German. The average duration of a session is about 60 to 100 minutes.

Sounds good? Then get in touch with me and book your first session.

Even though a single session has already a great effect, I recommended taking some time to really bring clarity to your inner world. So often the acute problems are only the tip of the iceberg and on a closer look further patterns and programs become apparent, which keep us stuck in a life, which actually doesn’t fit us anymore. If we however truly commit to change our life can quickly and easily take a whole new direction. And this is exactly what I wish for you! That’s why my focus is on this kind of support and I offer single sessions only in exceptional cases and for existing clients.

Single sessions are € 270.