Spirituality 5.0 – the new paradigm

Spirituality 5.0 - highest alignment by connecting with you Divine Self

When we start to engage in personal development or spirituality, many of us go through quite similar phases. These phases are very nicely described in the concept of the levels of spiritual awakening: Spirituality 101, Spirituality 2.0, and Spirituality 3.0.

According to this concept, Spirituality 101 is what we also know as Positive Focus. Here we discover that we actually have an impact on how we feel. Often we also learn about the Law of Attraction and that we can create our reality by focussing on what we want more of. This is an awesome experience and often works very well for quite a while – until we reach a point where it doesn’t. 😉

Then we discover that life is actually more complex. That our subconscious mind and our unhealed emotional wounds also affect our reality. And that these cannot simply be “positively focused away”. So we begin to explore our unconscious mind, our shadows, and heal the wounds of our past. In doing so what was unconscious before becomes conscious and what was suppressed becomes integrated. This raises our vibration and we come more and more into alignment with who we really are – a divine human being, always whole and complete. We move through our patterns, shadows, and limitations from the perspective of the small self and gradually release them on our journey home to the Divine Self. This phase can be called Spirituality 2.0.

The next phase, Spirituality 3.0, balances both. We no longer do only shadow work or only focus on what we want to feel and experience. Instead, we use self-love as guidance for when to focus on our healing and shadow work and when to use positive focus to feel better and deliberately manifest.

So that’s it?

Until a few months ago, this was it for me. I considered spirituality 3.0 the highest path. But then I came across something new. I found an approach that allowed me to live in what I call Spirituality 5.0. Here we don’t heal in order to get more in alignment with our Divine Self, but it’s just the other way around: Alignment first!

In Spirituality 5.0 we connect deeply with our Divine Self – the part of us that is always whole and complete. Through this deep connection, our vibration raises massively. We receive the deep love of our Divine Self and are elevated by it. And thereby we move through our old patterns and limitations. We still face our shadows and unhealed emotional wounds, but we are guided and held by the love of our Divine Self all the time. This makes this process much smoother and easier. And some resistances simply melt away in the love of this connection. We continue to integrate formerly unconscious aspects of ourselves – but not only by healing old emotional wounds and trauma. But we also integrate joy beyond all we have experienced so far, bliss, ecstasy, freedom… We expand into high vibrational emotions that are far beyond our current perspective.

Deliberate manifestation

Just as with Spirituality 101 (positive focus), we can use the approach of Spirituality 5.0 for deliberate manifestation. In Spirituality 101 we do this from the perspective of our small self. We move up the vibration ladder in a kind of obstacle course around our shadows, focusing on what feels good and what we want to manifest. But often what we want to manifest is based on an unhealed pain deep within us. And depending on the wounds, programs, and unconscious limitations we carry within us, the journey through the obstacle course of our shadows can be quite tricky.

In Spirituality 5.0 we manifest from the perspective of the Divine Self, our highest truth and Self. This perspective and connection take us through the obstacle course in the fastest and easiest way. And it also ensures that we do not cling to desires that are only based on unhealed wounds of our past. We manifest only what is truly in alignment with our highest truth. That is why it is so fast and so easy!

The new paradigm

I personally believe that we are now entering this paradigm of alignment first as a human collective. And although it is our natural state of being to feel the connection to our Divine Self and to receive the love and guidance at all times, we have been living seemingly separate from it for thousands of years. This is why it is so valuable to have tools that help us reconnect as we return to this natural state of constant connection and even complete embodiment of our Divine Self.

For me, it has done wonders to regularly align with my Divine Self, to strengthen this connection and to consciously receive the love and guidance of my Divine Self. Since I started living this way, my life has changed tremendously. My vibration (emotional state) is higher than ever without suppressing anything – simply by integrating more joy, more love, and more abundance. When old triggers come up I move through them much easier and they heal and integrate faster. I have much more faith in life and my own path. My intuition is even stronger than before. My creativity has virtually exploded. And I am more and more able to deliberately manifest my heart’s desires.