Want to know the real secret?

Sometimes I feel like everything has already been said. Everyone talks about the secrets of the universe, the hidden knowledge, the magical path to a perfect life. They all got it, it seems. Everyone is living their best life. With just this one secret, these magical tools, this final key…

Let’s face it – most of us know the laws of the universe, ways for healing, manifestation, inner peace. Information is not the problem. – But then where is that change that we desire?

Getting the Law of Attraction right when it comes to healing

The Law of Attraction is the main law of this universe and I am sure you have heard about it in one way or another. As within so without. You attract what you are. You reap what you sow. And while all of this is true there is quite some confusion about that law when it comes to personal development and healing. Especially among people who are involved in healing, there are often some misunderstandings that make life difficult for us. And that is exactly what I want to put right for you here.