The real secret

Sometimes I feel like everything has already been said. Everyone talks about the secrets of the universe, the hidden knowledge, the magical path to a perfect life. They all got it, it seems. Everyone is living their best life. With just this one secret, these magical tools, this final key…

Let’s face it – most of us know the laws of the universe, ways for healing, manifestation, inner peace. Information is not the problem. – But then where is that change that we desire?

Consciousness and trauma II

Why do I even bother with heavy stuff like trauma healing when there are so many amazing tools to simply raise your vibration, and I can even just activate elevated states of consciousness?
Living in a high vibration and all these elevated states of consciousness (oneness, flow, creator consciousness…) are our natural state of being! And the reason why we don’t experience them on a daily basis is: trauma. The unhealed trauma of our ancestors, our own unresolved emotional wounds and stress, and the collective programming we have gone through are like an anchor holding us down.

“What is wrong with me” – Overcoming shame

Shame – the feeling and belief that there is something innately wrong with us. This is one of the lowest emotional states to be in. In this article, I explain to you how shame comes into our lives and what we can do to overcome and release it for good.