You don’t have to

Life in merging with the Divine

These words came through a while ago and they describe so beautifully what life feels like when we live in merging with the Divine within us. In this state, we remember how much life loves and supports us. We feel safe and supported in every moment and free to fully express our innermost essence. Unconditional love for and from life becomes a tangible experience and our everyday life reflects this deep inner knowing.

I am sharing these words here with you because they can help you immerse yourself in this feeling. So let them touch you and carry you into this wonderful state of being. Life on earth is meant to be a Paradise. And it lies within us to make this our reality.

You don’t have to

You don’t have to work.
You don’t have to be nice.
You don’t have to eat healthy.
You don’t need a purpose in life.
You don’t need to know, to control, or to fight.

You are loved and supported unconditionally; life truly wants you to thrive.
All conditions are man-made; they are just in your mind.
When you let go of the conditions, everything starts to flow.
And you fall into the abundance and love of life for you.

I don’t have to work – but I enjoy it so much.
I don’t have to be nice – but there is so much love.
I don’t have to eat healthy – but it just feels so good.
I just follow my passion and life takes care of the rest.

All this comes about naturally when we fall into the love that we are.