Here you can find the feedback of some clients about how they experienced working with me.

Just wow. I finished Jana’s ‘align’ course a few weeks ago and I have manifested everything I have been wanting for years.. a foundation of love and feeling grounded in my own body. To feel joyful, happy, fertile, peace and richness. This course (this life) is magical. I now continue my adventure with a new found confidence and trust in mySelf. It finally feels right. This is the truth I’ve always wanted. Working with Jana has been so much fun. I’ve loved our sessions so much! I’m going to miss our special times but I am so excited for what is to come.
Thank you Jana! Your work is pure love. I cannot recommend this course enough!!!


What Jana is offering is really extraordinary. Her understanding of reality and how we thrive in it as humans exceeds everything I learned from all those famous spiritual teachers. And somehow she just activated that in me. She touched and transformed me and the foundation of my reality. It’s like I suddenly woke up in a parallel reality which is pure magic and so much fun. There is an ease and flow to my life that I could not even imagine before. And at the same time it feels so normal to live that way. I have finally arrived in a life I truly enjoy living.


I have worked with Jana for over 3 years now and this is easily the best investment I have ever made. Each session is an effortless, painless transformation. I promise you will experience what it is to be safe, seen, heard, held, supported, loved, and cared for with Jana. Healing here will never feel like hard work. Jana will support you with integration wholeheartedly and make it as easy as possible for you. I am blessed beyond measure to have had access to Jana’s work and love for over 3 years. Our work together has completely changed my quality of life, depth of relationships and perspective. You’re in the right place, this blessing is yours too. If you’re looking for some help, I deeply encourage you to book a discovery call with Jana.


Jana is the most sensitive, and thoroughly emotionally-aware person I have ever met. In our sessions I had full trust that all the emotions and wounds underlying a particular topic would be seen and fully met, even when I did not have the clarity to see them myself. Being guided by someone with such awareness and skill was heeling in itself. It helped me trust my own sensitivity and intuition even more.
Every session was a small breakthrough. Working with Jana over the course of 5 months was absolutely transformative. 
I can now clearly see some of the core patterns I was holding onto and I released a lot of hurt, shame and fear that were keeping me from my center. I am more confident, relaxed, fun(!) and centered than ever. 
Working with Jana was a true gift.


I already have a lot of coaching and life experience and through Jana I am discovering a whole new level of mentorship, consciousness and healing work that I did not know before. It is a deep longing that is being fulfilled: finally there is real understanding and I feel truly seen. The conversations with Jana are the booster for my desire to live completely in my power, self-responsibility and in conscious union with my higher Self. There is more and more clarity and insight that fulfills me; love flows, for life and for being here and now. I am infinitely grateful to you, Jana!

Laura (translated from German)

Thanks to Jana, I learned what it means to be present with myself, to allow to feel and listen to my feelings, and to find real joy in life. Four months after the coaching ended, I still benefit from the lessons I learned. She was the perfect guide during my complex trauma and healing process. Jana created a safe space where I could let go and experience my emotions. Her insights were invaluable, and after each session, I felt a tremendous relief and confidence that things would get better. Her ability to sense emotions greatly helped me understand where I stand and what I need. I learned a lot from her and am grateful for this journey. The online setting was perfect for me.


I’ll say it straight out: if you want the best for yourself, this is where you gotta go. I’ve worked with coaches and teachers for so many years and some were really good, others not that much. But this is something else! Jana sees you, all of you, for real! And at the same time, she has such an expanded perspective on everything that she always takes you to the next level. And all without those twisted spiritual concepts you find everywhere else. She gets it, she gets you, and she does set you free. Life is so freaking good and I finally get to experience that for myself.


I am back to life. I feel incredibly deep health, abundance, joy, energy, and love within me again, where before there was only panic, death and fear. I have my life back and I feel empowered to deepen that experience more and more now – through my life itself. I have never made such powerful choices in my life. By not needing any dependencies anymore, I can finally walk my own path, make my own choices, and fulfill my desires and wishes. 
Working with Jana has changed my life completely and with so much love, ease and I have always felt safe and valued. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being infinitely valuable. You were the bridge through which I could come back to life. I am so grateful for both programs I did with you and know this was not the last time I will enjoy your support.

Samantha (translated from German)

Behind Jana’s caring nature and humble manner lies the most profound healing, mentoring and teachings I have ever experienced. This is truly world class. She intuitively gets to the core of things right away and then just works her magic. I still cannot believe how much my life has changed since working with her. Not just what I came for to her – all areas of my life have improved significantly. I am incredibly grateful to have met her.


Booking with Jana is one of the best investments you can do for your life and healing. She is amazingly accurate in finding the root of what’s going on and that, along with her plentiful experience, makes her very efficient and effective. If you think of yourself as a hopeless case, going for Jana is truly money well spent, as she can really get things done.
I personally think she is one of the best professionals out there.


It was a blessing for me to work with Jana. After a traumatic birth, I could hardly cope in everyday life because of all the triggers. All the therapists I visited before were overwhelmed and considered my idea of mental health utopian. Jana, however, understood in her sensitive way exactly what I was looking for and helped me with her effective techniques to achieve the “Big Shift”.
Thank you for this, dear Jana!

Christina (translated from German)

With her work, Jana is offering a very precious gift to the world. I have been on my healing journey for more than 15 years, and I have done a lot of research and tried and worked with many modalities… and I have to say: Jana`s tools are the most effective and valuable ones I have come along with so far. And not only that: She is not limited to her tools and knows exactly what is needed in each situation. I consulted healers, therapists and so on and I always felt that they look at me through their limited perspectives of their methods and theories, dismissing the parts and aspects of me/my situation that did not fit into their limiting perspectives. And in the end, I always walked out knowing that they missed the point, which made me really desperate.  So that is why I cannot emphasize enough: Jana`s perspective is not limited. She can find the root of the problem and knows how to deal with it effectively. So if this is what makes a master, is not limited by his tools and methods – and in my opinion, it is – Jana is a Master.
And: she makes you feel safe and accepted. With her gentle and kind presence, she creates a safe space where healing can happen easily and undramatically.


In Jana, I finally found a soul I was able to confide in and which understood my way of communication. A soul that was able to not just validate my pain but to truly empathize with it. She ventured in my virtuous gallop through many traumas, walls, and beliefs from all stages of my life and past-lives and did not baulk at any shadow of my soul or mind. Our time together is over, but I feel “The Big Shift” still carrying me forward. I am now able to speak up for me and my truth, and to follow my heart – even if it seems risky or even wrong from my mind’s or society’s / family’s perspective. And I am able to do what I was born to do: to feel.
I am absolutely convinced that you can find in Jana whatever you need if you are really ready for a change. “Thank you” sometimes really is a shallow word.

Elke (translated from German)

Dear Jana, I don’t have to wait with the feedback to our last session. The success is already there! Right after the session, I felt freer and lighter. I had the feeling that I could now finally present myself freely and without fear in public and on social media as a coach. In general, I had the feeling to have much more energy without my fears, which we had solved energetically. The universe also reacted promptly and that same afternoon sent me dear people who wanted to work with me and from whom I received important information. Afterwards I was physically tired, but spiritually wide awake. Between 3:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. I already designed a new online course and made several changes to my social media presence. And today I will probably be one of the first in the gym.
Thank you for your healing and so incredibly effective support! I’m sure it’s no coincidence that I can suddenly get off to such a great start.

Hendrik (translated from German)

I would like to express my heartfelt praise and thanks to Jana! I am very impressed by her fine nature, her abilities and her immense empathy. When working with Jana, you are in the best hands and you are guided very gently and lovingly through the process. Jana feels intuitively and also through her great knowledge and her expertise immediately what is needed to solve blockades/ issues of any kind gently and very effectively. I felt absolutely safe and in good hands with her.
I can only warmly recommend Jana! That is the highest level and I am amazed!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Julia (translated from German)

I can only highly recommend anyone to work with Jana: her ability to pinpoint the root of the problem right away, the capability to hold space, insights, and wisdom is exceptional and outstanding among all the practitioners I have worked with.
I cannot be grateful enough for all your help, Jana, and wholeheartedly recommend everyone to work with you.
So much love to you! 


Jana is the best Shadow Work and Success coach/ practitioner I’ve ever worked with. No one comes close to balancing the warm, nurturing energy that is soothing, with fast results that are truly miraculous. There is hardly any real work on your end and it is so quick and effortless it is crazy! I’ve been to countless different therapists, psychiatrists and worked with coaches for business, and she excels in all of these areas in a shorter amount of time. This is a life-changing investment.


The sessions I had with Jana were one of the most memorable experiences on my healing journey. Her ability to create a safe space for you to heal and confide is quite uncanny. Jana is a professional through and through, and I would definitely recommend her services to everyone who seek assistance on their own path to self-discovery.
Thank you, Jana!


Working with Jana is pretty powerful. On the one hand, she is very gentle and has a loving presence that makes you feel safe and sound right away, on the other hand, she is very focused and leads you to the root of the issue in no time.
If you want to really get to the core of whatever issue you have and “liberate yourself”, I can highly recommend Jana!


Jana is an incredible professional. She offered me loving and close support, and deep empathy, while staying grounded. She has a healing presence and her intuition and sensitivity are definitely one of a kind. I am very grateful and thankful.


This morning I had the most perfect session imaginable from Jana. She was so intuitive, so loving, so supportive, so patient, and so able to connect with me on every level that I went through a life-changing experience. For the first time in my life, I could integrate sexuality and the heart, release shame, and feel love in every cell in my body. It was akin to a refreshing rain on my body and soul after a 70-year drought.
I cannot speak too highly of Jana and her ability to facilitate.


I have deeply rooted trauma from my childhood. In the past, it’s been difficult for me to open up and feel comfortable enough to really allow a space for healing. Jana made me feel comfortable right away and continued to make me feel at ease throughout the session. I didn’t feel pressured with anything by her like the direction of my healing. She created exactly the space that my intuition and authentic heart needed, rather than box me in to one modality. She is so well rounded in her knowledge of healing and can mesh with many different types of people. I consider myself to be a “tough case“, so if she can get through to me, I’m sold!