Blind spots are ‘blind’ for a reason

Blind spots are ‘blind’ for a reason When we want to heal, grow or reach a certain goal, it is great to have someone by our side who can see what has been holding us back so far. A friend, mentor, or coach who can look at our situation from an outside perspective and thus reveal to us what we ourselves cannot see. Having someone who can uncover our blind spots allows us to move forward quickly and effectively and to achieve what seemed unreachable before. But let’s face it: it takes far more than recognizing the blind spot and revealing it! Because: blind spots are ‘blind’ for … Keep reading

Getting the Law of Attraction right when it comes to healing

Getting the Law of Attraction right when it comes to healing The Law of Attraction is the main law of this universe and I am sure you have heard about it in one way or another. As within so without. You attract what you are. You reap what you sow. And while all of this is true there is quite some confusion about that law when it comes to personal development and healing. Especially among people who are involved in healing, there are often some misunderstandings that make life difficult for us. And that is exactly what I want to put right for you here. Yes, our external … Keep reading

Spirituality 5.0 – the new paradigm

Spirituality 5.0 – the new paradigm When we start to engage in personal development or spirituality, many of us go through quite similar phases. These phases are very nicely described in the concept of the levels of spiritual awakening: Spirituality 101, Spirituality 2.0, and Spirituality 3.0. According to this concept, Spirituality 101 is what we also know as Positive Focus. Here we discover that we actually have an impact on how we feel. Often we also learn about the Law of Attraction and that we can create our reality by focussing on what we want more of. This is an awesome experience and often works very well for … Keep reading

“What is wrong with me” – Overcoming shame

“What is wrong with me” – Overcoming shame Shame – the feeling and belief that there is something innately wrong with us. This is one of the lowest emotional states to be in. In this article, I explain to you how shame comes into our lives and what we can do to overcome and release it for good. The full article can be found in the Elephant Journal (link).

Empathy is a gift – not a burden


Empathy is a gift – not a burden How you can cultivate and utilize your gift As an empath, you can do much more than just perceive other people’s emotions. In this article, I will show you how to fully utilize the power of your gift. I am talking about how to learn to control your gift, how to reduce the negative side effects of your empathy, and how to utilize it for your own benefit and the benefit of others. The full article can be found in the Elephant Journal (link).

The Shadow Side of Authenticity

The Shadow Side of Authenticity In this article I am talking about what being authentic actually means, why it is so important, and what the most common pitfalls are when we are walking the path of authenticity. Find the full article at The Elephant Journal (link)

The ugly duckling thing

This was the second year in a row that I did not spend Christmas with my family. In fact, I spent it all by myself. And even though I did enjoy most of the time there was also a lot of shame and guilt coming up. Shame and guilt about the fact that I have not been in touch with my family for a long time. That I did not try hard enough to find a way of spending time with them for Christmas in particular; but instead, choosing to abandon them knowing they were suffering from it.   Just ducklings everywhere Many years ago, I read a … Keep reading

The invisible child


Have you ever wondered why nobody was there when you needed support the most? Have you ever experienced somebody else reaping the benefits from something you came up with? Did you feel your needs mattered to the people around you or was it more like everyone else seemed to matter more than you do? For me, the answer to those questions was a big YES. Only during the past number of years, could I understand why and then finally change this painful pattern that had been for almost my entire life. When I was young, I was what I would call an invisible child. The low maintenance daughter … Keep reading

Breakthrough – a blog for those who feel stuck


When you are practicing any kind of inner work you do this because of the benefits you expect or experience from it. And indeed, inner work, particularly shadow work is a powerful tool to expand our awareness, to release emotional blocks, to resolve old detrimental patterns and to shift our entire reality. However, we probably all know these moments of frustration when we feel stuck. When the same old stuff seems to show up repeatedly, no matter how often we may have dealt with it already. Today, I want to share with you why we tend to feel stuck when we have truly changed and have already expanded … Keep reading

Born an empath – a life without boundaries?

As empaths we feel what others feel. We feel the inner struggles of our loved ones, the suppressed anger of our co-workers and the distress of the people in public places. And most often we are so used to feeing all of this that we do not even recognize we are doing it. This just seems and the way we function. We appear to live a life at the mercy of everyone else’s emotions.   Is empathy congenital? I believe, even though we came in particularly sensitive, many of us unconsciously cultivated that trait because it served us to get our needs met or to make us feel … Keep reading