Are you supernatural?

Whenever I experienced something that is by societal standards “supernatural” or simply “impossible”, it felt absolutely normal in that moment.
It was not spectacular or super special when it happened.
It just was.

In this article I am sharing with you the key to unlocking your own “supernatural” abilities.

Manifesting – From duality or polarity?


There are so many teachings and approaches out there on deliberate manifestation. And there is a fundamental understanding of how human consciousness works that many overlook when it comes to this. It’s whether we manifest from an inner split (= separated aspects of self that are partially unconscious, = a point of resistance, = basically from trauma) or from an integrated place.
It’s basically the difference between duality and polarity.

Demystifying that HIGH VIBE thing

Sometimes it really upsets me how misunderstood spiritual teachings can mess people up and set them on a spiral of constant struggle with themselves. One of these teachings is that we constantly need to feel great ( = be in a high vibrational state) to attract what we want. So let’s bring some clarity to this “high vibe” thing.

Freedom – Responsibility – Fun

Most people associate responsibility with some kind of stress. They see it almost as a burden, when it is actually our gateway to absolute freedom.
Remember when you were little and just wanted to grow up so you could finally do whatever you wanted?
No one telling you what to do anymore?
That is what responsibility is all about.

The Universal Now (poem)

I love how the Divine speaks through me in poems. This one is like a manual for eternal peace. A state of pure being and bliss.
This state can be accessed any moment, from any other state.
May it find the right people at the right time and help them find that peace within.

Consciousness and trauma II

Why do I even bother with heavy stuff like trauma healing when there are so many amazing tools to simply raise your vibration, and I can even just activate elevated states of consciousness?
Living in a high vibration and all these elevated states of consciousness (oneness, flow, creator consciousness…) are our natural state of being! And the reason why we don’t experience them on a daily basis is: trauma. The unhealed trauma of our ancestors, our own unresolved emotional wounds and stress, and the collective programming we have gone through are like an anchor holding us down.

Consciousness and trauma

“Just have faith; it will all work out in your favor”
“Abundance is all around you; you just need to receive it.”
“Just let it go and relax.”

All that sounds and feels great when it matches your current experience. But let’s be honest: when you’re not there, it feels more like a slap in the face! – Wouldn’t you be doing it by now if it really was that easy!?

‘This is meant to be’ – trusting your path

Do you know this feeling of something big and meaningful entering your life? Something that you just know will change your life for good; that feels so destined for you? Well, usually we are right when our intuition tells us to go down a certain path. When every cell in our body says YES to something and the magnetic pull towards the new is stronger than all our fears. What we might be wrong about though is the purpose or outcome of this “destined” event.

Blind spots are ‘blind’ for a reason

When we want to heal, grow or reach a certain goal, it is great to have someone by our side who can see what has been holding us back so far. A friend, mentor, or coach who can look at our situation from an outside perspective and thus reveal to us what we ourselves cannot see. Having someone who can uncover our blind spots allows us to move forward quickly and effectively and to achieve what seemed unreachable before.
But let’s face it: it takes far more than recognizing the blind spot and revealing it! Because: blind spots are ‘blind’ for a reason.

Getting the Law of Attraction right when it comes to healing

The Law of Attraction is the main law of this universe and I am sure you have heard about it in one way or another. As within so without. You attract what you are. You reap what you sow. And while all of this is true there is quite some confusion about that law when it comes to personal development and healing. Especially among people who are involved in healing, there are often some misunderstandings that make life difficult for us. And that is exactly what I want to put right for you here.