How do I approach this from Creator Consciousness?

Recently I received a message from a woman who described a situation to me and then asked: “How do I approach this from Creator Consciousness?” And I want to answer that here as this answer may also bring more clarity for you, even if it may not be so appealing to you at first.

Creator Consciousness is a state of inner knowing and feeling that everything is your creation

To begin with, I would like to clarify what Creator Consciousness actually means. It is what I like to call a state of consciousness, a state of being, that I experienced for the first time in depth several years ago.
It is a state of pure presence, of pure being. – And thus of non-resistance to everything that is, was and could be. And even more, in this state, you have a deep inner knowing, you actually FEEL and perceive that everything in your reality is your own creation. You KNOW that everything is there FOR you and THROUGH you. And thus you can recreate everything in every moment. I experience this state and way of living as incredibly free and fun.

Creator Consciousness – simply fake it till you make it?

you don't achieve creator consciousness by faking it

But now back to the question: “How do I approach my situation from the Creator Consciousness? – My answer is: It doesn’t matter at all!
The fact that you are asking this question clearly shows that you are not in this state right now. Otherwise, you would simply enjoy your experience in the now moment and, if you wish, create different now from it.
Sure, I could give you detailed instructions: think this, feel that, do the other… and you could follow them. But in doing so you are really just avoiding where you are actually at right now. You are building resistance. You are not present with yourself in the now.
Faking it until you make it doesn’t work!

You may be able to bypass your true state for a while, but this cannot work in the long run. Because your reality always responds to your actual frequency, to everything that is alive in you – be it consciously or unconsciously. Simply suppressing parts of your experience will not make them disappear. Only through complete acceptance and integration do they lose their power, because then the emotional charge that kept them active and alive is released and they become one option out of many.

So if you are faced with an experience that you are not comfortable with, running away from it or “fixing” it isn’t really doing you any favours. Instead, be more present with what is, fully embrace yourself in the unpleasant now. Find ease by allowing everything as it is right now.
And just witness what happens. 😉