Want to know the real secret?

secret of the universe

Sometimes I feel like everything has already been said. Everyone talks about the secrets of the universe, the hidden knowledge, the magical path to a perfect life. They all got it, it seems. Everyone is living their best life. With just this one secret, these magical tools, this final key…

Let’s face it – most of us know about the laws of the universe,
know countless ways to heal ourselves,
ways to deliberately manifest,
to live a happy life.

The knowledge, the tools, the ‘secrets’ are out there – in ancient books, new age teachings, articles, podcasts, and really all over the internet. Available to everyone, often even for free. Information is not the problem. More knowledge does not bring about the change that we desire. It’s about how it lands inside of us, whether and how our inner conditioning, our unconscious imprints and our state of consciousness allow it to take root in us and our lives.

Selective perception

the secret is how it lands in us

Time and time again I have seen people run into the same old walls, no matter how great the knowledge offered is. Their inner programming did not allow them to really walk the new path as they could not see it clearly. Selective perception is a real thing – we can only hear/ see/ receive what is already part of our reality. Like the Native Americans who did not see the huge ships approaching the coast – they were invisible to them because they had no concept of them.

Lets say you have a deep (unconscious) conviction that you have to work hard to get what you want. When you learn about the law of attraction and deliberate manifestation, you will probably apply this in a way that will make you hustle again. Maybe you use extensive manifestation practices, create vision boards, write morning pages and gratitude journals… You are once again working hard for what you desire – because that imprint inside of you is still active. You simply transferred the ‚hard work’ to your spiritual practices.

So what is it then?

What most people need is not more or better information. It is a way out of the inner hamster wheel that keeps us running in circles, no matter how hard we try or what tools or approaches we use. Profound and lasting change requires a clear look at our own inner structures and dynamics.

the secret lies in our inner worlds

The way out of this inner labyrinth is often hidden behind the most sensitive parts of ourselves. That is why it is so hard for us to see it for ourselves.
It lies well protected in our unconscious and is covered by seemingly well-functioning survival strategies. Here we need a sensitive approach and a clear view. There is no universal formula, because our inner structures are individual – just like the path to our liberation.

And yet it is always available. Often much easier than expected.
Just perhaps not where we’ve been looking for it so far 😉