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Leading Edge Spiritual Mentoring | from Trauma Sensitive Healing to Living in pure Creator Consciousness
leading edge spiritual mentoring

» During our time together you don’t just get a coaching/ mentoring but you will experience a profound and lasting transformation of your life – from the inside to the outside.

» Transformation for me means not only healing but also and above all the unfolding of our unique potential. There is so much that we as humans are capable of and I love unlocking and exploring that with you. The real magic happens beyond healing.

» People in different phases of their personal unfoldment need a different kind of support. That’s why I have developed several programs that are tailored to these different needs, so that I can support you in the best possible way.

My offers for you:

spiritual coaching and healing

Here we focus on resolving the main pain points in your life. A gentle yet very effective approach to trauma-sensitive healing will allow you to achieve tangible and lasting results. Your life can swiftly and easily take a whole new direction!

spiritual coaching and mentoring

Who are you beyond unconscious imprints and social conditioning? How do you really want to live? How much more liveliness and fulfillment are even possible? Let your true Self, your unique essence, guide you into a deeply fulfilling life! Together we will unlock a completely new way of living for you.

spiritual mentoring and coaching

Life offers so much more! I will take you into states of being that allow you to experience reality in a completely new way and thus fundamentally change your life. In this state, you can easily play with life and reality. Anything becomes possible and being human is just so much fun!

New: my one year mentorship Living beyond the Matrix. Reach out for more info.

You want to work with me, but these offers are not quite what you need or want? Simply get in touch. I’m sure we will find a way. I am happy to make you an individual offer.

Alignment with your true Self is the best investment in yourself and your future; your
doorway into a whole new life. And I love to support you in this process.

That sounds good? Then get in touch with me and let’s find out how I can help you best. Or directly book your spot for one of my offers. I am looking forward to your message!