Why work with me?

  • During our time together you don’t just have coaching, but you will experience a profound transformation of your life themes. The blockages and patterns that we carry within us often manifest in several areas of life. This means that once they have been identified and resolved, the positive change will also be reflected in all these areas.
  • I combine profound knowledge from both worlds – worldly and spiritual – with a big heart and an innate gift for transformation. I am holding a field for you that enables and accelerates a gentle yet profound change towards more inner wholeness.
  • My intuition and experience allow me to quickly and gently reveal the core of your issue, even if it is hidden from you. I do not only see the root cause but also what you need to realize the change that you desire.
  • Empathy and compassion form the foundation of our encounters. My focus is always on what you need at any given moment to move forward. And I strive to make the transformation as effective and profound as possible for you.
  • Transformation for me does not only mean healing but also and above all the unfolding of your unique potential. My goal is to bring you into touch with your true essence and Self so that you can shine from there and create a new life within and through you.

My offers for you

Dr. Jana Becher

The Big Shift is a 9-week individual coaching program that allows you to profoundly transform your life. Here we primarily focus on healing the emotional wounds of your past and releasing the main blockages in your life so you can move from surviving to truly thriving.

Fully You is a private mentoring of several months that will bring you to your full radiant power. Reveal your true self and allow it to take the lead in your life. This way you will naturally come into alignment with your heart’s desires, your visions, and your purpose. Fully You is your ticket into a whole new life.

Divinity Unfolding is my revolutionary new group program. This is for you when you have already done some healing and feel ready for the big leap into your freedom and full power as a conscious creator. This is truly the next level! Find out more on my Facebook page or on request by email.

Even though a single session already has a great effect, I recommended taking some time to really bring clarity to your inner world. So often the acute problems are only the tip of the iceberg and on a closer look further patterns and programs become apparent, which keep us stuck in a life that doesn’t really suit us anymore. If we however truly commit to change our life can quickly and easily take a whole new direction. And this is exactly what I wish for you! That’s why my focus is on this kind of support and I offer single sessions only in rare cases and for existing clients. If you still want a single session please email me.

Alignment with your true Self is the best investment in yourself and your future; your doorway into a new life. And I love to support you in this process.

That sounds good? Then get in touch with me and let’s find out how I can help you best. Or directly book your spot for one of my offers. I look forward to getting to know you.

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