Why work with me?

  • During our time together you don’t just get coaching, but you experience a profound transformation of your life themes. The blocks, imprints, and patterns that we carry with us often manifest in several areas of life. This means that once they have been identified and resolved, the positive change will also be reflected in all these areas.
  • I combine profound knowledge – from both worlds, worldly and spiritual – with a big heart and an innate gift for transformation. I am holding a field for you that enables and accelerates a gentle yet profound change towards more authenticity and inner wholeness.
  • My intuition and experience allow me to recognize your blockages, patterns, beliefs and unhealed emotional wounds – even if they are hidden from you. I do not only see the cause of your problem but above all what you need to accomplish the transformation as easily and effectively as possible.
  • Empathy and compassion form the foundation of our encounters and my focus is always on what is best for you. My goal for each session is to make the transformation as gentle and effective as possible for you – healing can be fast and easy!


There are several ways to work with me. Besides single sessions, I offer a program The Big Shift of several weeks for deeper transformation, as well as a mentoring Fully You over several months, which will bring you into your full radiant power.

Even though a single session has a great effect, I recommended taking some time to really bring clarity to your inner world. So often the acute problems are only the tip of the iceberg and on a closer look further patterns and programs become apparent, which keep us stuck in a life, which actually doesn’t fit us anymore.

Inner work is the best investment in yourself and your future; your kick-starter into a new life. And I would love to support you in this process.

Please use the contact form to book a session or to make an appointment for your free discovery call for the coaching or mentoring program.

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