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Dr. Jana Becher
  • During our time together you don’t just get a coaching but you will experience a profound and lasting transformation of your life – from the inside to the outside.
  • My intuition and experience allow me to quickly and gently reveal the core of your issues even if it is hidden from you. And beyond that, to know what you need to realize the changes that you desire. Transformation can be so easy and yet very effective!
  • Transformation for me means not only healing but also and above all the unfolding of your unique potential. There is so much that we as humans are capable of and I love exploring and unlocking that with you.
  • We are here to live happy and fulfilling lives. And it is my heartfelt desire to support you in this as best as I can. I truly care about my clients and you will feel that too when you work with me.

My offers for you

In The Big Shift we will identify the main blockages in your life and resolve them for good so you can get from surviving to truly thriving. Be it through the transformation of limiting beliefs, healing of old emotional wounds, or releasing inherited ancestral trauma – your life can quickly and easily take a whole new direction!

In my private Mentoring Fully You we take it even further: besides powerful healing work we will mainly focus on activating your full potential, so that you get to embody the greatest version of your Self and live a deeply fulfilling life in highest alignment. Fully You is your ticket into a whole new way of living.

My latest offer Now I am – Life as a Conscious Creator takes everything to a whole new level. Together we will activate Creator Consciousness for you – a powerful state of consciousness that changes everything. No more hustle, no more false compromises. Just a deep sense of peace and a joyful way of playing with life and reality. In this state really anything is possible!

In March 2022, I offered a one-month group program “From Co-Dependent to Co-Creator”. You can still join the group and get access to the replays of the calls with all their teachings and healing sessions.

You want to work with me, but these offers are not quite what you want or need? Simply get in touch. I’m sure we will find a way. I am happy to make you an individual offer.

Alignment with your true Self is the best investment in yourself and your future; your doorway into a whole new life. And I’d love to support you in this process.

That sounds good? Then get in touch with me and let’s find out how I can help you best. Or directly book your spot for one of my offers. I am looking forward to your message!

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