The holographic universe, a key to abundance

the holographic universe, a key to abundance

And one of the things that have really unlocked for me lately is my sense for the holographic nature of our universe. There was a moment when it just clicked and from there it is unfolding. Now I see, I feel, I recognize it everywhere.

Everything is contained within everything.
Everything is already here.


It was like deepening my months in complete lucidity and yet a whole new perspective of the realization that everything is always here. I just cannot feel lack anymore. I cannot worry anymore. It has become impossible.
Even on the rainiest day, I do feel the sun.
Even when I am alone, I feel the love of the people around me.
Even when large sums of money leave, I feel the riches in every cell of my body.

Everything is contained within everything.
And we simply choose which parts of the ALL we attune to.

The key to abundance

the universe is in everything, thus abundance is everpresent

And as this has become my new normal, the way I experience life, things have shifted on the outside as well. So many desires are met instantly. I do not even have to think them out loud. 😜 The desire emerges and reality starts to adjust. It simply unfolds. And even if some things take time or do not go according my yes still existing human “ego” will it doesn’t matter. – Because I can only ever see the good, the love, the universe providing.
All I want and ever could want is already there. So I can be super relaxed about how it unfolds in the physical. Because I can feel its presence. I can see it in every flower, every cloud, every rock. I sense its existence on a sub-molecular, a fundamental level.

This is true abundance.
The root of all external abundance.

It is really just a shift in perspective, in the state of consciousness. And yet it changes everything. I can actually feel my DNA shifting. Attuning to a different frequency of reality. And I can see this new reality pattern unfolding, being passed on to those around me. A new sound that ripples out in the community. For some it may initially bring up dissonances in their system before harmonizing on a new level. But it has an effect. It wants to spread out into the world, wants to be lived and experienced.

And you may just take it.

Even though I am like a messenger, a tool for this sound, this frequency of reality, it is also contained in everything else.
I am here.
And so is ALL THAT IS.