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“The difference in who I am right now and the person that was here a week ago is dramatic. My husband has noticed it as well. Thank you again for all of your work and support. I am deeply humbled and grateful.”   “Your energy is one the purest and most powerful ones I have ever experienced.”   “So much has changed and it’s a damn good feeling. Thank you so much again. By the way, I noticed that my eyes have changed – my soul is visible again 🙂 and that is really priceless!”


“I would like to express my heartfelt praise and thanks to Jana! I am very impressed by her fine nature, her abilities and her immense empathy. When working with Jana, you are in the best hands and you are guided very gently and lovingly through the process. Jana feels intuitively and also through her great knowledge and her expertise immediately what is needed to solve blockades/ issues of any kind gently and very effectively. I felt absolutely safe and in good hands with her. I can only warmly recommend Jana! That is the highest level and I am amazed!” Julia    


“In Jana, I finally found a soul I was able to confide in and which understood my way of communication. A soul that was able to not just validate my pain but to truly empathize with it. She ventured in my virtuous gallop through many traumas, walls, and beliefs from all stages of my life and past-lives and did not baulk at any shadow of my soul or mind. Our time together is over, but I feel “The Big Shift” still carrying me forward. I am absolutely convinced that you can find in Jana whatever you need if you are really ready for a change.” Elke

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“Booking with Jana is one of the best investments you can do for your life and healing. She is amazingly accurate in finding the root of what’s going on and that, along with her plentiful experience, makes her very efficient and effective. If you think of yourself as a hopeless case, going for Jana is truly money well spent, as she can really get things done. I personally think she is one of the best professionals out there.” David


“I can only highly recommend anyone to work with Jana: her ability to pinpoint the root of the problem right away, the capability to hold space, insights, and wisdom is exceptional and outstanding among all the practitioners I have worked with. I cannot be grateful enough for all your help, Jana, and wholeheartedly recommend everyone to work with you. So much love to you!” Edit

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“I am so grateful to you! Through your wonderful help I have come so close and become aware of my true essence and so many miracles have happened.” “I feel like I woke up from a long, dark dream. I finally remember who I am. Thank you so much!” “Best coaching ever!!!!!!!! Thank you, Jana!!!! I am speechless!!!!!!” “So much has happened inside myself, as if the handbrake has finally been released!”


“Jana is the best Shadow Work and Success coach/practitioner I’ve ever worked with. No one comes close to balancing the warm, nurturing energy that is soothing, with fast results that are truly miraculous. There is hardly any real work on your end and it is so quick and effortless it is crazy! I’ve been to countless different therapists, psychiatrists and worked with coaches for business, and she excels in all of these areas in a shorter amount of time. It is truly staggering. This is a life-changing investment.” J.M.