‘This is meant to be’ – trusting your path

meant to be - about trusting your path in life

Do you know this feeling of something big and meaningful entering your life? Something that you just know will change your life for good; that feels so meant to be, so destined for you? Well, usually we are right when our intuition tells us to go down a certain path. When every cell in our body says YES to something. And the magnetic pull towards the new is stronger than all our fears. What we might be wrong about though is the purpose or outcome of this “destined” event.

Our inner guidance doesn’t lie. It knows the path to our highest fulfilment. But that path is rarely a straight line. That big love that prompts you to move across the continent may only last a short time, but bring you to a place where you feel more at home than anywhere else. That interview for your dream job may not get you the job, but bring about an idea for your own successful business. That perfect partner may only be right for you until new life comes to earth through the two of you and your beautiful child is with you. That deep love you feel for another might never come to full fruition, but give you the strength you need to move through challenging times.

So many things you may not have done if you had known before. – And yet the actual outcome is so worth it. No matter what your path looks like, the Divine is always with you. Life is happening FOR you and your greatest GOOD.
Always. This is a promise we came in here with.

meant to be - a blog about your inner guidance

Thus, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be ok with not knowing. To remind yourself that it is safe to follow your intuition and simply surrender to the path. Fall into the hands of God, of life itself. Fall in love with life and your unique life path as it’s unfolding. When you take good care of yourself and wrap your heart in the love that you are this can be the most enjoyable ride one could possibly imagine.

The most enjoyable ride you yourSELF imagined into being.